ptooie - the packet sniffer

ptooie: the packet sniffler

dedi hubbard, joe versoza and the ecobots group (advtech 2004)

meet ptooie up close


ptooie is a packet sniffing system built to respond to the "health" of the network where it is planted. We chose the form of a flower for its seemingly innocent appearance and endlessly punning potential. Behind ptooie's appealing appearance is a mini-itx computer setup to run custom built scripts to parse through all the traffic on the network. From this traffic, ptooie sniffs for passwords sent in clear, nonencrpyted text. The transmission of privileged information, such as passwords and passphrases, in the clear represents a simple, easily solved security problem that often goes unnoticed. Our goal with ptooie is to raise awareness of this issue and those like it by tapping into this aspect of the networks we share as a community.

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